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Darrell Ulm

Software Development and Computer Science

Darrell Ulm : Is a computer scientist, software developer, programmer, and an open source software contributor.

Interests are: Web development on LAMP Stack in PHP, Mysql / MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Javascript, HTML, and Drupal API 4 5 6 7 8 9 custom module programming. Parallel Computer, Koha ILS, Algorithms, Wordpress, Database, Data Science, Big Data, Apache Spark with PySpark, Unity3d - using JS / C#, Python, Scala, Java, C and C++. Also getting into Machine Learning and using Jupyter Notebook recently.


Projects worked on include:

  • Drupal in PHP / MySQL / HTML / CSS

  • Drupal custom and contributed modules

  • Database migrations.

  • Wordpress data-migrations, custom Wordpress

  • Apache Spark

  • C and C++

  • Parallel Programming

  • Algorithms and data-parallel algorithms

  • 80x86 Assembly language

  • Unity3d for Android Apps

  • Shopify

  • Koha in Perl, PHP, MySQL

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